As in the act of composing music? Nope! This is all about music you can write to.

Some people hate writing to music; others can’t write without their earbuds in. I fall somewhere in between. I compile huge playlists that I brainstorm and outline to, but when it comes to the actual drafting part, I’m just as happy in silence. Any time I try to think of ideas, I love listening to music with lyrics, but if I try to write my own words while I’m hearing someone else’s, I’m out of luck.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to writing music. But I thought this was a good excuse to share some of mine.


Two Steps From Hell

I can’t gush enough about their music. My brother introduced me to them a few years back, and I’ve shuffled through all their albums on Spotify more times than I can count.

Best “Victorious battlefield pan-out” song: After the Fall

Best “We will stand and fight” song: Blackheart

These are just two of my favorites, but you simply can’t go wrong with Two Steps From Hell. Seriously, just pop in your headphones, put these guys on shuffle, and see where your imagination takes you.

Zack Hemsey

I first found his music while sifting through a Pandora station for classical music. And it. Is. Epic. Brace yourself for some serious cinematic, heart-pounding scene ideas.

Best “Screw morality. I’m a bad guy now” song: See What I’ve Become

London Music Works

SO. MANY. SOUNDTRACKS. I guarantee you’ll recognize some of music from this recording studio—their Spotify page features songs from How To Train Your Dragon, The Dark Knight, Inception… The list goes on.

Best “Disaster is coming” song: Requiem for a Tower

Also, check out this remix of it that I absolutely ADORE:

With Lyrics:


You guys. You guys. I seriously can’t tell you how much I love this guy. “Run Boy Run” has been on my writing playlist for years, but that was only the beginning. I wish I could count how many plot ideas have come directly from listening to his music.

Run Boy Run:

I Love You:

(Sidenote: WATCH THIS MUSIC VIDEO. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times and I still love it. It helps that Woodkid—Yoann Lemione—is also a music video director.)

Tom Odell

I first heard Tom Odell while watching The 100. And what a discovery that was. Not only am I addicted to The 100, but I consistently find the best music playing on that show. Just listen to see what I mean.

Can’t Pretend

Grow Old With Me

(I’m actually melting.)

As a bonus, here are a few more songs/artists, again found through The 100, that made their way onto my permanent writing playlist.

RAIGN: Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Dotan: Home II

Let me know your favorite music for writing!

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