Of my various skills (loud tongue clicks, beating my brother at Dominion, exercising while drinking carbonated water), none shines more brightly than my ability to dodge the question, “What’s your book about?”

I talk about my book a lot in the abstract and rarely provide details. As is my way. But hey! It’s on Goodreads now! It has a title!


(Plz make a Goodreads account and click “Want to Read.” If you do, I’ll give you something cool, like a high-five, or my first-born child.)

Anywho, if you’ve been following my authorial career with bated breath, you might notice that the description in that Goodreads link is currently (as of February 2020) just the text from my original book deal announcement. The blurb copy will be up at some point in the future, but as it does not yet exist, you might have a question for me.

THE question.

Depending on who you are, I will answer this question in one of five ways.

1) You’re a book person

2) You’re a hip youth

3) You’re very patient

4) You’re someone I am not altogether fond of, and/or caught me when I’m tired

5) I’m trying really hard to impress you

So now that you have a robust idea about what my book is about (as robust an idea as you’d get from asking me in person, anyway), may I recommend that you add my book on Goodreads?


Wow, the link’s right there!

Important liiiiiink

Just think, if you put it on your Want to Read shelf and then vote for it on all sorts of “Can’t Wait 2021” lists, you’ll be the first to see the actual official blurb copy when it comes out!

Click click click meeeeeeee, I am a link!

Boop! How’d that get there?