According to Google Analytics, most people who visit my website are either college classmates or YA readers. If you’ve been on this website before, you will probably be surprised that I know this information. An outside observer would probably look at my posts and believe that my readership looked like this:

There are two reasons for what I post and why.

Reason One:

I, a Soon To Be Published Author Person™, want to have a somewhat regularly updated website so that when I am an Actually Published Author Person™, readers can come say hi to me on the internet.

Reason Two:

I haven’t had information with which to regularly update this website. Which is why, since selling my book in April of 2018, I’ve been peddling fun facts about linguistics instead of actual book information. Also because I like linguistics. And stick figures.

BUT. I finally have news. Exciting news.

The penguins told me they would be revealing my cover last week, during election week, which was both terrifying and thrilling. “Terrifying and thrilling” was the theme of last week, actually. Terrifying becausewow, the book is finally close to being a real thing! Thrilling because it’s a beautiful, beautiful cover.

Learning it was coming went something like this:

Just kidding. The penguins didn’t find me on a trail. They found me via email. But my cover was a fun surprise.

A lot of folks don’t realize that most authors are not super involved in their own book’s cover process. I came up with neither the title nor the cover concept for my book. Which is a great thing! Because I have no cover designing nor titling skills of note.

So, without further ado…

Aha! This isn’t my cover! It’s just more stick figures! You’ve fallen for my ruse!

Seriously, though. This is why most authors don’t make their own book covers.

Ready for my actual cover?

I am absolutely in love with this cover, and I won’t be calm about it. I love the font, and the girls, and the colors, and the little rain droplets on their faces. It makes me absurdly happy (and occasionally terrified because of the aforementioned burgeoning realness of this whole author fiasco).

The cover was designed by Samira Iravani, who has designed some of my all-time favorite book covers. I feel beyond lucky to have her work on the front of my lil climate change fairytale.

The cover has been popping up in all sorts of fun places, so for more fun content, check out:

At some point soon, I hope to have more exciting news. Failing that, I hope to at least have more stick figures.