On Publishing


Query Letters

How to Write a Query Letter

Querying: The Do’s and Don’ts and a Worksheet (Erin Bowman on Publishing Crawl)

The Parts of a Good Query (Susan Dennard–check out her website for a ton of fab resources)

Comp Titles–An Elevator Pitch for Your Book (Andrea Bachofen on Penguin Random House)


The Road to Publication

A Very Official Guide to Books and Stuff

How to Get Traditionally Published (Susan Dennard’s three part guide)

Why Rejection on a First Book Can Be a Blessing (Hannah Fergesen on Publishing Crawl)

How to Publish a Book: An Overview of Traditional & Self-Publishing (A Writer’s Digest guide to the differences and similarities)


Working in the Industry

The One About Working in Publishing (Alexandra Bracken’s very thorough guide to the industry)


On Editing



Responding to Critiques (Even When They Hurt)

Sharing Your Writing

Finding a Critique Partner

Critique Partner Etiquette

Writing a Critique

Critique Groups and Critique Partners (Susan Dennard’s stellar guide)

How to Find a Critique Partner (Beth Revis’s advice on her blog)


On Drafting



Word Count

First Sentences

Internal and External Motivation

Writing Character Motivation

Kill Your Darlings