Half of writing is editing. Good thing, too, because I love editing. I love it so much that when I’m not busy editing my own books, I want to edit yours.

I studied English and Creative Writing at Stanford University. I took classes on novel writing, young adult literature, contemporary poetry, the intersection of religion and science fiction and fantasy, and pursued an independent study in novel editing. In 2016, I was a Pitch Wars mentee. In 2018, I became a Pitch Wars mentor. My debut novel was sold at auction, in a two-book, six-figure deal, for publication with Penguin Teen.

And, heythrough all that, I learned some stuff!

If you’re looking to traditionally publish your manuscript, you want it in top shape before approaching agents. Maybe you’ve already reached out to agents, but you’re trapped in the query trenches. I have experience sifting through the slush pile at a literary agency, and I know what will make your manuscript rise to the top. Or maybe you’re self-publishing. I can be the extra eyes you need before your book goes to print.

Writing is a tricky business. Don’t go at it alone! You’ve got writerly skills. Let’s make them shine.


  • $20
  • Includes multiple rounds of editing for content, structure, and clarity. I can also help with comp titles. You’ll end with a clear and concise query at ~300 words.


  • $30
  • Polish your synopsis (~500-600 words) to let agents know what your book is about and how it ends. I will do a developmental edit followed by a detailed line edit.

Agent Submission Bundle (Query, Synopsis, First 5,000 Words)

  • $75
  • Get everything you’ll send to agents in top shape. Includes two passes on your query, synopsis, and first 5,000 words.

Full Developmental Letter

  • $0.005 per word, or $50 per 10K words
  • A developmental letter includes all the largest edits. I will offer advice on tension, structure, character, and overall strengths and weaknesses of the manuscript. You can expect my reader’s report to be about 5,000 words.

Full Developmental Letter + Line Edits

  • $0.01 per word, or $100 per 10K words
  • Includes the same developmental letter as above, along with very detailed track changes and notes on your manuscript.
  • If you anticipate a large rewrite, this might not be the best fit. Line edits are very specific, and they will be most helpful if you have already done basic revisions on your manuscript.

Copy Editing

  • $0.005 per word, or $50 per 10K words
  • This is essentially just line edits with no developmental letter. I will return your manuscript marked up with track changes noting errors in spelling, grammar, and general inconsistencies. Great for a final polish!


To inquire about my editing availability, please contact me here. I can’t wait to work with you!